Do you remember every comment you made?

Every page, photo, or meme you liked?

Everything you’ve ever been tagged in?


and there’s a way for anyone to search and dig up your past.

Even if your Facebook is set to PRIVATE 

it’s still possible to find things about you. 

The Groups You’ve Joined

If your groups aren’t secret, then they can be found. 

Stories, Posts, Videos You’ve Liked

What do your likes tell about you?

Comments You’ve Made

Comments you might have forgotten existed. 

And More… 

FIND OUT what’s NOT private on your Facebook

in less than 48 HOURS. 

Our service is simple & quick.  

1. Find your profile link

2. Submit your order

3. Login at client.findyouraudience.online

4. Receive your report in 48 hours or less.

You’ll be shocked at how fast we can uncover things you probably forgot even existed.   

OK! So once I purchase, what exactly do I get?

You’ll get something called a “Personalized Facebook Privacy Report

You will be able to download this report once it’s complete in your dashboard.

Inside this PDF we will provide you with images of what we found for EACH CATEGORY we can search for.

Here is an example of the images that will be inside the report:

Your report will not be blurred.


Those were only 2 categories… How many categories are there?

29 Categories. Meaning…

29 different ways to uncover  things about you on Facebook

Secure Your Privacy.


What is the different between SAMPLE vs FULL report?

A sample report will only show you the INITIAL results of our search for each category. 

A full report will show you ALL the results of our search for each category

What comes with a Personalized Facebook Privacy Report?

A personalized report contains the images, not links, of what is available to be found publicly for the username you have provided to us. 

Why buy a Quick Audit vs Extended Audit?

If you’re only curious and you’re not concerned about your digital footprint, the QUICK AUDIT provides a glance of what is accessible by the public.

What do you mean by providing Facebook Links?

By choosing the Extended Audit package, we’ll not only show you what’s available, we’ll also provide you with the exact links to find exactly what we found.  

With the access to these links, you’ll be able to clean up your digital footprint on Facebook. 

I bought the Quick Audit and now want the Extended Audit, can I get a discount?


If you are happy with what we found and would like to begin cleaning up your digital footprint, we will be happy to give you a discount of $20 for Extended Audit.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of our service, we do not provide refunds. 

We have tried our best to design and price the packages appropriately.